About us

We are an NGO made up of professionals from the web world, willing to help small NGOs in their inclusion in the network, since 2013. We have gone through many phases and during this path we have been able to meet and help different NGOs. From 2021 we decided to take a turn and try to make it much easier to be a part of HelpDev. From that moment on, all the websites we create are on our Github and can be audited, improved and evolved by any developer.

HelpDev is and will always be free thanks to its volunteers, volunteers and sponsors, in an exercise of transparency we present how each of the necessary parts is covered so that the NGO's website is free.

We are based on a very simple concept "Helping those who help". We are a group of professionals in the web sector, from programmers to experts in social networks through designers and SEO professionals, we seek to help other NGOs that do not have enough resources to afford a website.

Thanks to our sponsors, NGOs do not have to pay for hosting or maintenance of the websites, they can have a free subdomain or we can advise them to get their own domain for their site.

We always seek to make the websites as simple and functional as possible, in addition to teaching how to use social networks or update your website either through documents or training.

Our team of volunteers is made up of professionals with years of experience to people who are studying or want to start learning about the different topics we deal with.

Web Development

All the development necessary to have the website is completely free, in fact it is open source and the code of each website will be available in our Github repository.


We host the websites we create in Microsoft Azure, we try to use free tiers whenever possible and the rest is covered by our donors.

Domain .org

The NGO will have to pay annually for a .org domain with the provider they choose, we do not collaborate nor will we collaborate with any of them. This cost is usually around €15-20 per year, depending on the provider.

Brand Design

In cases where it is necessary, our design team or external collaborators will help us create a brand image for the NGO, also free of charge.


Thanks to the collaboration of Microsoft, all NGOs that are duly declared will be able to obtain Office 365 and email to be used by volunteers.

Social Networks

Our team of volunteers will help create the social networks for the NGO. In some cases, you can even count on external collaborators for help.

Let's keep in touch

Write us through any of our social networks, we will answer soon!
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